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Complete Mail Server
Version: 1.7
Date: 01/01/2007
OS: Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista
Price: $95
Complete Mail Server is high-performance professional SMTP/POP3 server software engineered for corporations and ISPs to satisfy business needs in ultra fast, flexible and reliable mail server. It works along with any email program or mailer and offers a lot of security features and options to allow you to protect the server from the outside and restrict the SPAM activity. In case of parallel mail processing, Complete Mail Server can be installed on several computers while the common message queue and user mailboxes can be kept on separate dedicated computers. You can assign specific configuration for each installation to facilitate email messaging in your organization. Friendly user interface of the program can be installed separately from the SMTP and POP3 services to give you ability to manage each of the server installations from a single PC. The SMTP and POP3 services can work as NT services and will keep working in the log-off mode. The special test mode is provided for software debugging and testing purposes that you can use to check if your email clients work properly. While test mode is activated, the server accepts your email messages, stores them in the queue but nothing delivers to the actual recipients. For example, this feature can be useful for developers to debug the scripts written with PHP, Perl, Java or other software. The SMTP Gateway Servers is another significant feature that makes Complete Mail Server just perfect for personal usage especially for the laptop PC users who have to change Internet Service Providers (ISP) while traveling around the world. Simply add all your SMTP servers that you use in different places to the unlimited list of gateway servers and the program will always find a correct SMTP server wherever you connect your PC to the Internet with any type of connection; so you do not have to modify SMTP settings of your email program each time you change ISPs. The program will use the SMTP gateway server only if your email message cannot be delivered in direct way. Try our Complete Mail Server for free.
Major features:
  • Allows local delivery for your users;
  • POP3 server protocol for picking up mail delivered to the local users;
  • Direct delivery to the destination or delivery through a set of gateway servers if direct delivery is unavailable;
  • High-performance multi-thread kernel for mail sending and mail receiving;
  • Multiple anti-spam controls for preventing spam coming from unwanted sources;
  • Black and white lists or real-time (RBL) databases to confront spammers;
  • Special algorithm to protect the server from DDoS attacks caused by hackers;
  • Easily customizable for your own environment, centralized administration;
  • Smart integration into the complex environment (multilevel access to the message queue and individual messages);
  • Encryption of messages in the message queue and in the local user mailboxes for additional protection of privacy.
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